Software Subscription Terms & Conditions
Please read fully. Your purchase signifies your agreement to the terms below.

Terms: This is an annual prepaid service. You will be charged the annual rate listed as one lump sum. Your service will renew automatically on your annual renewal date. Renewal rates are subject to change but we will notify you before hand if this is the case.

Cancellation: Once you have made your purchase you will be sent a registration key, at which point we will not be able to refund your initial payment.

If you wish to cancel your subscription services for the following year, you must do so prior to your renewal date by notifying our team prior to your next billing date. Please call 800-969-6961.

Declined Payments:
If your payment is rejected or declined during the renewal and we are not able to contact you/update your payment within 5 business days, we will suspend your account until payment is made.

The software subscription service includes:
  • the latest version of MyoVision software available at the time of purchase
  • any updates or upgrades while your subscription is current
  • software support & troubleshooting.
This service does not include networking or hardware support and is only available for Wirefree customers. .
There may be an additional charge to import your patient database if you are upgrading your MyoVision 8000. Contact a MyoVision support technician at (800) 969-6961, opt 2 for more details.