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Network Configuration: Tier 1 Network Configuration: Tier 1

MyoVision support staff will setup and establish basic networking connection between a single server and client. Free for new customers (up to 1 year). This is limited to one 30 minute session.

Price: $99.95
Network Configuration: Tier 2 Network Configuration: Tier 2

One hour and a half session. To fix any combination of Tier 1 items that combined, will take longer than 30 minutes. MyoVision Technical Support staff will remote into your office computers and configure the MyoVision software to share patient records to multiple office computers. This will allow your office staff to view and review exams from any computer in the office connected to your local office network.

Price: $249.95
Software Setup and Training Support Software Setup and Training Support

MyoVision Support staff will remote into your computer to update/install, and configure the latest MyoVision software release. Once the software has installed, support staff will train your clinic to use the features of the new software (e.g. setting up E-Scan, EP stress Score etc.) Up to a 1 hour session.

Price: $79.95
MyoVision Software Subscription MyoVision Software Subscription

You will receive:

  • The latest version of MyoVision software
  • Full software support
  • Free upgrades and updates

Price: $299.95/12 month(s)

$329.95 first year, $299.95 after
MyoVision Software: Latest Feature Pack MyoVision Software: Latest Feature Pack

Purchase Feature Pack H - you will get the revolutionary E-Scan + EP Stress Score feature, DynaROM 5-minute interpretation report, digital Range of Motion measurement, and SO much more. With the combination of these features, your patients can better track and share their progress, all while acting as a walking billboard marketing your practice.

Price: $595.00
Hub Radio Replacement Hub Radio Replacement

** Do not purchase without first speaking to a technical support associate. Call: (800) 969-6961, x2 or email support@myovision.com

Replacement for your PhysioMonitor or SoloVision Hub.

Price: $250.00
DynaROM Interpretation Service DynaROM Interpretation Service

Let our experts handle your DynaROM interpretation report.

Price: $130.00