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Feature Pack B (E-Scan + EP Stress Score) Download
Feature Pack B (E-Scan + EP Stress Score) Download

Price: $595.00

Availability: Available for download now
Product Code: PB-264-B

This software includes Escan + the EP Stress Score. Meets requirements for ADA Tax Credit to save you 50% off your purchase. See details HERE.
  • Creates E-Biz card patients post to Facebook, advertising your practice.
  • Reinforce your message instantly, received via smartphone.
  • Triples battery life with new battery saver mode.
  • Change message in graphic for special offers.
  • Cool "high tech blue" male/female graphics.
  • Scanning time reduced by 50% through new AutoScan IV algorithm.
  • Provides baseline allowing us to track patient progress over time.
  • Easy to interpret "single number" makes interpretation a snap.
  • Backed by VA Hospital Study research validating it's use.
  • Increased reproducibility of Static sEMG Data.
The software will load as a 30-day-Trial. You will need to enter your registration key into the software before the trial ends. The key will be emailed to you within 2 business days of purchase.
*Please note there may be an additional charge to import your patient database if you are upgrading from a M8000 system. Please contact a MyoVision Support Technician at 1-800-969-6961 ext. 2.

Click HERE to download a 30-day free trial.
Product Details
With this software package you get the new revolutionary E-Scan feature and the newly released EP Stress Score feature. With the combination of these features, your patients can better track their progress, share their progress, and become a walking billboard marketing for your practice.

EP Stress Score Features:
Simplifies static sEMG with a single number!
  • Provides a summation of all electrical activity measured with the MyoVision Static-sEMG exams.
  • Provides a means of tracking patient progress with a numerical value.
  • Able to overlay exams and show progress over time.
  • Easy means to help educate patients without having to explain the values at each site.
E-Scan Features:
Smartphone Marketing Made Easy Email
  • Static-sEMG and/or Thermography graphic instantly to patients so they can show friends, family and co-workers why they need their chiropractor.
  • Patients market your practice by sharing your "E-Biz Card" via Social Media to help promote your office.
  • No app needed, as use of email makes E-Scan viewable via Smartphone, Tablet and computers.
  • The exams can be accessed from any device with e-mail access including Smartphones, Tablets, iPads etc.
  • Promote and reinforce your personal message of wellness virally.
  • Personalize embedded message for screenings, special events and services you offer.
  • E-Biz Card feature embeds permanently your contact info. Advertising your practice with each E-Scan sent. Use with Portable Cellular "Hot Spot" to make screenings 10 X more effective.
  • CC Feature collects email addresses for future email marketing campaigns.
New Software Features:
  • New body graphics can be configured for both male and female patients.
  • Scans 3x faster with the updated Auto-Scan feature and newly custom controlled device Settle Times.
  • Battery life increased by 4x over previous versions with new Battery Timeout feature.
  • Updated GUI (Graphic User Interface) for a new sleek modern look
  • Easier networking controls to share your patient database with multiple office computer

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