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QuickScan Pads (Single jar)
QuickScan Pads (Single jar)

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QuickScan pads contain a highly conductive electrolyte solution. The use of QuickScan pads are required with ScanVision scanning to improve the conductivity between the muscles and scanners. Take a single pad out of the jar, moisten the electrodes, then take your scans!

**QuickScan pads are only to be used as a conductive fluid, and only the electrode surface should come in contact with the pad. These are NOT intended to be used for disinfecting and contain no disinfecting properties.

Product Details
1 jar of QuickScan Pads (50 pads per jar) provide a conductive medium between electrodes and skin.
Review best practices here.
For use with all MyoVision static sEMG scanners (MyoVision 3000s, 4000s, 8000s, and ScanVisions)

Directions for use:
- Take 1 pad out of the jar using tweezers
- Place on the lid of the jar
- Screw lid back onto jar (with pad ontop) to prevent drying
- Gently touch all 5 electrodes tips on your ScanVision to the pad and place on patient to scan
- Touch the ScanVision electrodes to the pad at each scan

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