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3 Jars QuickScan Pads + 3 Packs of Electrodes
3 Jars QuickScan Pads + 3 Packs of Electrodes

For use with MyoVision Wirefree static sEMG Scanners only. Not compatible with wired systems.
Price: $227.70
Sale Price: $199.95

Product Code: PB-35

Did you know, after you've gone through one (1) jar of QuickScan Pads, it's time to replace your electrodes? Save time, money and ensure the best skin contact and the best scan results. QuickScan pads revolutionized static sEMG scanning by making it quick and easy to improve the conductivity between the skin and scanners. Take a pad out of the jar, moisten the electrodes, then take your scans!

To help you with your ScanVision maintenance, we're offering this package of 3 jars of QuickScan pads + 3 pack of 10 electrodes.

- 3 jars of QuickScan Pads
- 3 packs of 10 ScanVision electrodes
- 1 medical tweezers
Product Details
Directions for use:
  • Take 1 pad out of the jar using tweezers
  • Place on the lid of the jar
  • Screw lid back onto jar (with pad ontop) to prevent drying
  • Gently touch all 5 electrodes tips on your ScanVision to the pad and place on patient to scan
  • Touch the ScanVision electrodes to the pad at each scan

More information on QuickScan Pad Solution:
  • For external use only on unbroken skin
  • Non-gritty
  • Bacteriostatic, non-staining
  • No residue build-up