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ScanVision [+] Single Upgrade ScanVision [+] Single Upgrade

How does it work?
Trade in your two (2) Battery powered ScanVision Scanners and receive a Single (1) NEW ScanVision PLUS [+] Rechargeable ScanVision. This is for current device owners only. Why upgrade from Dual to Single? Click here to learn more.

Included with your trade-in:

  • Single ScanVision PLUS [+] Rechargeable Scanner with user-replaceable front post module ($1,500 value)
  • Latest version of software ($299/yr value)
  • USB charging cable ($20 value)
  • All other necessary supplies

How do I upgrade?

  • Add this item to the cart and complete check out.
  • After you purchase, need ship your battery devices to the following address:
Precision Biometrics
Attn: Upgrades
13545 Erickson PL NE #200
Seattle, WA 98125
  • When we receive your devices, we will exchange your battery devices (2) for a brand new Single (1) rechargeable scanner and the necessary supplies and ship back to you.

Price: $1,295.00
ScanVision [+] Upgrade ScanVision [+] Upgrade

Upgrade your battery powered ScanVision to the NEW ScanVision PLUS [+] Rechargeable ScanVision. This upgrade is for your current devices. Ship them to us and receive them back in new condition with dramatically improved performance.

Price: $1,495.00
ScanVision [+] Upgrade Trade-In ScanVision [+] Upgrade Trade-In

Cut the downtime! Rather than waiting on an upgrade of your current devices, we will send you a Certified Refurbished set of ScanVision [+] Rechargeable scanners. Simply send back your battery powered ScanVisions to us in the same box you receive your new upgraded devices in!

Price: $1,995.00